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Friday, December 27, 2013

001 Life Beyond the 12 Steps - When Recovery Happens - Father Issue's

In this first audio journal Coach Byron Friday talks about how he has learned to overcome long standing grudges and issues that have come between him and his father. Coach Friday has learned some very simple and power techniques that he used to finally end his long standing negative emotional feelings towards his father and mother.

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Coach Byron Friday  started A.I.R. Athletes in Recovery to chronicle and share his journey in recovery.  In 2002 Byron donating the 95% of his personal belongings to charity and starting his life over from scratch.  Coach Byron Friday is a recovery activist and emotional abuse survivor.

Coach Byron Friday has used the last 12 years to study the  recovery process and personal development method's The results of his study have yielded some simple strategies and powerful principals that he uses daily to manage and process the powerful negative emotions that we often face in our daily lives. Coach Byron Friday has made a full recovery from his Spiritual Malady. 

A.I.R. | ATHLETES IN RECOVERY's on going development of this program titled "Life Beyond The 12 Steps" has a single purpose of  providing no cost Coaching and Mentoring that are delivered via online Life Lesson Audio Journal.

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Cliff Ravenscraft  The Podcast Answerman and Founder and Speech Writer and Podcaster  Mr. Peter Billinghan - the two gentlemen inspired me to take my life to the next level.

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  1. Hi Byron! You overcame Resistance! Well done on publishing this podcast. It is brave to share your soul like this but authenticity is attractive and will help many people. Keep telling your story, you will become a great storyteller. Be brave, go for it! This will build your confidence. This will be a great way to develop your speaking skills. If I can help you anyway, let me know. Best wishes! Pete from England