My Story

 In 2002 I was overwhelmed with life and was struggling with life big time. My capacity for insight was very low, my ability to cope and process with my thoughts and emotions in a positive way was out the window. I had significant deep seeded resentments and was in a major passive aggressive frame of mind.

One day i lost it emotionally (more to come on this story) I proceeded to empty out my studio and donating the 95% of his personal belongings to Salvation Army - I got what I described as the "fuck-it's" - being in such a miscrable state of mind all I wanted to do was get the heck out of where i was in life and just star my  life over from scratch. I started A.I.R. Athletes In Recovery to chronicle and share my journey in recovery.

Coach Byron Friday  started A.I.R. Athletes in Recovery to chronicle and share his journey in recovery.  In 2002 Byron donating the 95% of his personal belongings to charity and starting his life over from scratch.  Coach Byron Friday is a recovery activist and emotional abuse survivor.

Coach Byron Friday has used the last 12 years to study the  recovery process and personal development method's The results of his study have yielded some simple strategies and powerful principals that he uses daily to manage and process the powerful negative emotions that we often face in our daily lives. Coach Byron Friday has made a full recovery from his Spiritual Malady. 

A.I.R. | ATHLETES IN RECOVERY's on going development of this program titled "Life Beyond The 12 Steps" has a single purpose of  providing no cost Coaching and Mentoring that are delivered via online Life Lesson Audio Journal. 

What is my life purpose?
Listening to Rick Warren's share in the below Ted Talks Video very much inspired a life changing "aha moment" for me. What is an aha moment? For me it's a moment of clarity, a defining moment where you gain real wisdom - wisdom you can use to change your life.
Please note important point #1 - Rick's thoughts planted a seed in my soul, at the end of the below video I instinctively knew that the words that he spoke were going to lead me in the direction that I am destined for.

Please note important point #2 - I received the following letter from a young man that I previously worked.
Dear Byron,
thank you for embracing me when I came to the house. You are truly a man of respect and integrity who has found strength and satisfaction in recovery, I will not give up until I acquired those qualities and it is mine earnest pleased that you would help me.
Byron, this battle for sobriety is the most important fight of my life. I have to battle against my own human nature. Some people crave excitement and adventure and will make reckless decisions based on their adventures desires.
We do not see the danger until we are in it and the price we must pay is often times more than we imagined.
For the next 14 months I will be incarcerated for a foolish decision I made while under the influence. Was it worth it? Of course not! However, much of our growth comes from our trials If we are not careful, we find it easy to blame others for our shortcomings.
Byron, I don't blame anyone but Autry. Autry chose to compromise is sobriety, and therefore Autry must pay the price for his actions.I have observed many people like myself who have a solid foundation of talents and natural ability. However those who succeed are the ones who discipline them self to build upon that foundation.
Byron, I am determined to have the discipline as you. Please forgive me for disrespecting the house by coming in the loaded. I hope that I may be given the opportunity to regain my place as a member of the family when I m released. Please tell everyone I said hello and and if they’d care to write me feel free.
Respectfully yours, Autry

Peiceing my life story together bit by bit

I was on Facebook and a photo that was posted jogged my memory big time.

This photo is at a stormy time of life growing up in Van Nuys - 1) I got fired from Redline for messing up (great life lesson growing up) 2) Drugs Dealers in the neighborhood (Pot, Coke, meth, speed, acid, LSD, mushrooms, PCP aka Angle Dust) 3) and the coke fulled syringe needle - I was seconds away from being a part of this story (Neil Young - Needle and the Damage Done) - to my luck - my DG Ride changed everything by giving me a new start and getting me out of my neighborhood. Bmx opportunities saved my life. 

At that time I was lost, living day by day figuring out life moment by moment. I love my mom and dad but unfortunately they where lost too- they both struggled emotionally, Ten High Wiskey, Valium and Cigarettes didn't help them cope with life's challenges. To give you an example - in 12 grade mid year, i stopped going to school and no one even noticed - not my parents not the school...... effffing NOBODY!! This situation really bothered me in my 30's and 40's - gratefully today i and at peace with anything and every thing that's happened in life for growing up to today's daily challenges. 

I have a blog that I'm starting to script out my story - I'm using this as a tool to develop my skills to become a Youth mentor and public speaker and Coaching Services - its still in the very early stages and not all that well organized at the moment. Its really just a brain dump to help move me forward with the work that I need to do. The site name is A.I.R. - Athletes In Recovery - - Their ya have a few pieces of the TGIF puzzle wink, wink !


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