Crucial Steps In Addiction Recovery - The Power Of Self-awareness

The Sherpa shares his experience how things are different after 3 years of continuous sobriety. What's been learned after over a decade of struggling?

The Sherpa "no more relapse" series - does a deep dive into self-discovery and self-awareness - how you too can learn how to finally stop relapsing and rehabilitate your mind, body, and soul.

The power of self-awareness:

  • Become aware of your shortcomings, insecurities and how we chronically sabotage ourselves despite our good intentions.
  • Self-awareness AKA The Daily inventory, self-reflection to identify our shortcomings and strengths as well.

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Who: is the Sober Sherpa? Byron TGI Friday - USA Cycling BMX Hall of Fame Inductee was on top of the world - addiction took me and my world off track - homeless, spiritually bankrupt, deep emotional wounds and carrying the burden of overwhelmingly heavy baggage - in the cold winter of 2003 I restarted my life from scratch - I donated 99% of my personal belongings to Goodwill and Salvation Army - I asked for help and began a long journey of rehabilitating my mind, body and soul.

Today - I am free from the bondage and self-sabotage of my destructive ways of thinking - my bad energy has been replaced (most of the time ;) ) with positive energy.

Since 2003 I've studied why some people thrive in addiction treatment..... while other chronically struggle despite there good intentions.

Today my primary purpose in life is to stay sober and help other people who desire to find a way end the relapsing and live an addiction-free lifestyle. Managing a 25-bed co-ed sober living over the course of 4 yrs I've worked 1 on 1 with hundreds of women and men (young adult to seniors) in intensive post-treatment aftercare protocol.

Perspective - arguably overcoming drug or alcohol addiction is on the same level as climbing Mt. Everest - most people can not overcome their addiction without the support of people who have experienced with successfully learned to overcome their own drug and/or alcohol addiction - The truth is the typical person in addiction recovery often times drastically underestimating the degree of difficulty regarding the commitment and work required to recover and reach the point of actual rehabilitation from the old unhealthy way to the new addiction free and healthy way.

The Sober Sherpa has the ability to see chronic problems and human unmanageability from a 50k high-level perspective.

If you or your loved one is willing to do a real deep dive into the why and how - you will then be presented with a unique opportunity to optimize your recovery potential. Understanding the power of optimizing potential is crucial.

Rehabilitation does not happen overnight - its a long drawn-out process that lasts a minimum of 4-5 years to achieve.

Rehabilitation = translates into freedom of the mind. Today I am blessed with living at a high level of being content and at peace with everything that's going on in life - I often go for months without any real significant level of stress or anxiety.

Today I pursue the feeling of being joyous and free - today I am conscious of my emotional health and well being - I intentionally safeguard my serenity by practicing my "Daily Inventory" i.e. self-awareness.

If you are willing - truly willing to sit on the "Hot Seat" The Sober Sherpa has the answers for most anyone who has successfully completed addiction treatment and voluntarily and vigorously following the treatment aftercare program prescribed by the treatment center counselors. The Sober Sherpa program is meant to complement and support your existing addiction treatment program.

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