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Education Catagories +Evaluation of how well your function functioning during a deep dive + The Billion $ quest why is the failure rate so high with addiction treatment centers typically do mediocre (exponentially low)? What is the alternative process/ protocol? I.E. plan B? + What does social media bring us joy lol not really + Not changing is more painful that making the changes

Why you can't & wont change?

Do you have a issue you're struggling with? Call the voicemail hotline and leave you question or message at 1-818-861-9015 Or feel free to email your question or comment at hello@ - My Instagram @iamsobernowwhat What are the most typical reasons why people don't succeed IN LEARNING How to MASTER overcome obstacles? I'm talking mastery here!!!! 1. They don't know what to do or how to do. 2. The truth is - in reality, is many people know exactly what to do and how to do it but they're not willing or able to apply. What are the contributing factors why they can't or won't apply what they know will help them move from where they are to where do they want to? Because they haven't made the decision. Typically people don't understand the critical importance of making decision What happens in your brain when you make a decision? *** This shifts the mindset from concept to *** I'm going to make this a part of me

Crucial Steps In Addiction Recovery - The Power Of Self-awareness

The Sherpa shares his experience how things are different after 3 years of continuous sobriety. What's been learned after over a decade of struggling? The Sherpa "no more relapse" series - does a deep dive into self-discovery and self-awareness - how you too can learn how to finally stop relapsing and rehabilitate your mind, body, and soul. The power of self-awareness: Become aware of your shortcomings, insecurities and how we chronically sabotage ourselves despite our good intentions. Self-awareness AKA The Daily inventory, self-reflection to identify our shortcomings and strengths as well. If you would like the Sober Sherpa to answer a question please email - Only one rule - try to keep it as brief and focused ass possible. or Vall the voicemail hotline +1 818-861-9015. Calling the voicemail hotline you have two options: + leave a question that you would like answered in an upcoming podcast episode. Sobersherpa Q&A. *** Only one

The Burden of your emotional baggage - how I stay sober.

I wished someone would have shared this with me. This insight came to me though doing my daily inventory. In short I got sick and tire of not feeling good. Over time I realized that the burden of emotional baggage was taking its toll on me by: 1. I was so miserable I need to self medicate to remove the pain. 2. I was plagued by chronic discontentment. 3. Bad energy was sucking the life from my soul. This is million dollar wisdom folks this is the foundation of addiction and alcoholism recovery and rehabilitation. PLEASE, if you are suffering and are willing to ask for help...... THIS IS THE PLACE. Are you suffering? Visit my podcast lesson page: My Podcast is on iTunes for Free:

My name is Byron and I am the face of addiction.

My name is Byron and I am the face of addiction.   I had it all so I thought - amazing career  - expense account's - travel - money - prestige - etc - etc. Yes - I did have it all - including a 800lb Gorilla - The 800lb Monkey on my back translated to a 1 Million pound addiction. I was riding high in the Game of Life  - A few short years later I was sleeping in the back of my truck  under the 405 Fwy and Victory Blvd. My addiction used to own me - Today I have chosen take ownership over my addiction.  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This very minute - you may not know it yet - you may not be aware of it yet - but in time - some one reading this will be faced with the reality that you're daughter or son, granddaughter, grandson will start dabbling in alcohol and drug use. For millions of you - this will happen under your supervision. Some of these teenagers and young adult

Morning Journal - I have wings but not using them to fly.

Raw uncut Quick Morning Journal " My experience with overcoming fear, uncertainty and unwillingness to take action when I know I have cold feet."  I have spent the last 12 plus years researching, studying and searching for the answer to a problem that takes thousands of lives a year. Because of my relatively low grammar, punctuation and writing skills I have let fear create uncertainty and doub t in delivering the answers and solutions to the world. Most recently... I have solved this "fear of shipping" and "unwillingness to be vulnerable" using a simple and practical technique - I am now publishing ( shipping) weekly on my blog using uncut/ unedited written and audio journals. This willingness to ship despite imperfections has knocked down any resistance that previously stood before me. This new willingness to accept that my body of work is good enough and ready for publishing despite some flaws has enabled me to ramp up and actually start doing the other

How I Learning to Believe in Something Bigger than Myself.

Growing up we all have dreams. Actually meeting your hero's in real life can be a key moment when you realize "I want to be like him or her." This photo hits home on many levels. Several of the gentlemen in this photo have had a powerful influence on shaping my belief system -  creating the belief that "I can be someone." Slowly over time our believe system (mind set) takes shape. Day after day, one milestone and/or achievement after another, our confidence builds. Having someone in our life that we look up to (aka our hero's) provides the "door of opportunity" to think of becoming someone bigger in life. A few quick take aways from spending time with the bellow champions in life: +++ Al Baker - charm, personality and innovator. A gentleman who is generous and cares about other people. Al is a man who exudes faith and builds confidence in people he interacts with. +++ Jimmy Weinert - charm, personality and a world class work et