Why you can't & wont change?

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What are the most typical reasons why people don't succeed

IN LEARNING How to MASTER overcome obstacles?

I'm talking mastery here!!!!

1. They don't know what to do or how to do.
2. The truth is - in reality, is many people know exactly what to do and how to do it but they're not willing or able to apply.

What are the contributing factors why they can't or won't apply
what they know will help them move
from where they are to
where do they want to?

Because they haven't made the decision.

Typically people don't understand the critical importance of making decision
What happens in your brain when you make a decision?
*** This shifts the mindset from concept to
*** I'm going to make this a part of me I'm going to do.
*** The reconditioning begins and you transition past the old way.

Note: When you back up the decision with a commitment
to develop a plan of action. This is where you optimize your potential

3. Having accountability is a critical component
when overcoming a major obstacle.

4. Sometimes our ability to start making changes is too much for us on our own we need other people to guide us, encouraged us to motivate us to push us and point us in the right direction.

One critical component to changethat I found that makes a huge difference
in the accountability department is;
*** having someone put you on the hot seat and monitor your progress or lack of progress.
*** giving you the honest truth about your strengths
and shortcomings where you're falling short -

Day after day we often desire change but do not implement the changes needed
therefore we struggle endlessly. Before we know at 10 to 20 years has passed -

This is the absolute truth because this is what happened to me and heard my journey and addiction recovery in 2003 -

We must become students
in the pursuit of mastering what it is that we desperately desire to do - half-measures availed us not - nothing NADA zip.

If you keep doing what your doing -
you will keep getting what you're getting

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