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Recovery activist, emotional abuse and sexual abuse survivor Coach Byron Friday started  ATHLETES IN RECOVERY (A.I.R.) to chronicle and share his journey in recovery.
In 2002 I became overwhelmed with my life's circumstances. I moved out of my home and donating 95% of my personal belonging to charity. This is when my recovery journey began. I restarted (rebooted) my life and started from zero - sleeping in a winter homeless shelter less than 2 miles from my mothers home.
I have used the previous 11 years as a opportunity to study the harsh realities of why some people find success in sobriety while others continue to struggle despite their good intentions to stay sober.

Managing a 55 Bed Sober Living Home has provided me a unique perspective of the cruel realities of struggling addicts and alcoholics.  I have benefited greatly from spending countless hours helping struggling addicts work though their recovery trials and tribulations.

The experience gained working in the Sober Living Home has lead me to develop more effective relapse prevention strategies and methods. One of my most valuable strengths is helping people in recovery develop a greater sense of urgency to adopt a more committed and long term approach to relapse prevention and personal development beyond the 12 Steps.

If I had to bottom line what I bring to the table in terms of creating results - I would have to say that in simple terms I have the simple and practical answers what so many people continue to relapse despite catastrophic consequences

For those addicts who are sick and tired (of being sick and tired) I have found the keys to success in sobriety and long term recovery.

In 2002 I became a student of recovery. Some people confuse sobriety with recovery - these two words are synonymous but, entirely two different worlds. Recovery happen when we take our lives Beyond the 12 Steps.

Based on the work that I've done you might call me crash test dummy of the RECOVERY industry. I sharing what works (and what doesn’t) so you know exactly what to do (and what not to do) - this will help you and your loved ones from years of pain and misery. 

Listen to Byron's audio journals:
1) I was in "no mans land" learning the game of life.  

Life Beyond the 12 Steps - When Recovery Happens - Father Issue's.


  1. Great point Byron, there is a difference between sobriety and recovery. I look at the 12 steps as a foundation or starting point.


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