How I Learning to Believe in Something Bigger than Myself.

Growing up we all have dreams. Actually meeting your hero's in real life can be a key moment when you realize "I want to be like him or her." This photo hits home on many levels. Several of the gentlemen in this photo have had a powerful influence on shaping my belief system -  creating the belief that "I can be someone."

Slowly over time our believe system (mind set) takes shape. Day after day, one milestone and/or achievement after another, our confidence builds.

Having someone in our life that we look up to (aka our hero's) provides the "door of opportunity" to think of becoming someone bigger in life.

A few quick take aways from spending time with the bellow champions in life:
+++ Al Baker - charm, personality and innovator. A gentleman who is generous and cares about other people. Al is a man who exudes faith and builds confidence in people he interacts with.

+++ Jimmy Weinert - charm, personality and a world class work ethic. A gentleman who is generous and cares about other people. Jimmy was my riding coach for several months- my riding confidence and skills increase exponentially during the short time spent together at the Valley Teen Center in Van Nuys.

+++ Jim Felt - The product development (technician) master. Jim has mastered the the art of product development and is a world class problem solver.

Take away - people like Al Baker, Jimmy Weinert and Jim Felt are leaders  leaders in life never need a resume - doors of opportunity continue to open.

Who changed you're life? Who helped you  believe?


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