Morning Journal - I have wings but not using them to fly.

Raw uncut Quick Morning Journal " My experience with overcoming fear, uncertainty and unwillingness to take action when I know I have cold feet." 

I have spent the last 12 plus years researching, studying and searching for the answer to a problem that takes thousands of lives a year. Because of my relatively low grammar, punctuation and writing skills I have let fear create uncertainty and doubt in delivering the answers and solutions to the world.

Most recently... I have solved this "fear of shipping" and "unwillingness to be vulnerable" using a simple and practical technique - I am now publishing ( shipping) weekly on my blog using uncut/ unedited written and audio journals.

This willingness to ship despite imperfections has knocked down any resistance that previously stood before me. This new willingness to accept that my body of work is good enough and ready for publishing despite some flaws has enabled me to ramp up and actually start doing the other work that I know I need to do to take my dream and build it into something real.

I have traction and momentum. I am not letting fear paralyze me anymore. 

eMail me if you're stuck and are unable to figure out how to get past you're current obstacles.


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