My name is Byron and I am the face of addiction.

My name is Byron and I am the face of addiction.  

I had it all so I thought - amazing career  - expense account's - travel - money - prestige - etc - etc.

Yes - I did have it all - including a 800lb Gorilla - The 800lb Monkey on my back translated to a 1 Million pound addiction.

I was riding high in the Game of Life  - A few short years later I was sleeping in the back of my truck  under the 405 Fwy and Victory Blvd.

My addiction used to own me - Today I have chosen take ownership over my addiction. 


This very minute - you may not know it yet - you may not be aware of it yet - but in time - some one reading this will be faced with the reality that you're daughter or son, granddaughter, grandson will start dabbling in alcohol and drug use. For millions of you - this will happen under your supervision.

Some of these teenagers and young adults will outgrow this phase of life and others will jump into the deep end of addiction. 

Those unfortunates who dive into the deep end of addiction will do so before you're very eyes. 

The tragic part of this is some of you won't see it coming until the addiction rears its ugly head in your life - beyond your childs life and staring you're directly in the face. Some will decry "I didn't see it" or "how did this happen"?

Today I share my most valuable life lessons to hopefully benefit others. 

For today - may I make a suggestion? PLEASE.... Please do a Google search: 

I am your disease poem anonymous

Goodbye Alcohol 

goodbye heroin (lowercase) 

Today I write, solve problems and coach at

Please note: This is a "Raw uncut Quick Morning Journal "


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